10 free font download sites to expand your collection.

As a UI/UX designer, it’s important to know how to use typography on your design. Typography makes brand awareness, information Hierarchy and much more.  When you used to be more familiar with the fonts, you will have a good sense of typography to use on your web and mobile app design.  Here are the 10 free font website to expand your collection.


Myfonts is one of the top free and paid fonts site. They have the largest collection of fonts. You can choose the fonts easily by using categories. Beside downloading fonts, you can use WhatTheFont tools to see what fonts used in an image.


This site has over 10,000 fonts on their collection. designer do submit their designed font on this site. So, basically, this site is for the designer by the designer.


They have fonts for Windows and Mac OS. They have over 9000 fonts on their collection. This site is most visited freeware and shareware font site.


Behance use by the designer. They upload their own fonts with typography for free and paid. From the Behance search bar, type “free font” and you will see some awesome font collection there for free.


They make it easy to find the fonts based on categories. From the abstract font to Asian fonts, calligraphy, cartoonish, curly, decorative and much more.


A completely free font site with organized categories to save your time.


With the collection of 14,000 fonts and easy to browse the fonts by categories makes easy for the designer to find the fonts.



With a nice grid style interface and typography on it will feel like to stay some time here. They have some awesome collection of fonts on their site.



Visit this site to get some nice looking fonts. All the fonts are free to download.



Fontfabric has some high-quality fonts on their collection to use for your web and app design.


In the end, visit all the sites, download high-quality fonts for your project. By doing so, you will have a good sense of typography.