10 Websites to create color scheme and color combination for web and mobile app design

After you finish your app wireframe, you have to design the mockup. So you need the color scheme and color combination for your brand. Every app or brand has its own color scheme. People recognize those brand or app by its color. So, for your iOS app design or Android material design,  we bring to you 8 sites to create color scheme or color combination.



In this site, you can create your own color scheme for RGB and CMYK. You can change the hue and brightness as well. Generate your color scheme then save it or export it. Also, you will get lots of premade color scheme there.


The material palette has some stunning premade color for Material UI design. Even though its name Material but you can use it for iOS design. This site is worth of using for UI design.


Another website to choose a color for your UI/UX design is Colorcombos.com. You can select the color and test it on your web and mobile app mockup. They have color combo library, popular color, and some useful color tools. You can check the object and background color by using combo maker tool. By using grab website color tool, you can extract color from any website and use it for your web and mobile app.


This site has some good collection of flat color. They have red, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and gray color categories. You can choose every color’s different shade and tints from those categories.


This site has a color wheel. By moving a small circle around the wheel you can create a color scheme with different shade and tints.


Just visit this site. You will feel soothe and calm in your mind. From the discover color, select a single color and you will see a lot’s of picture and color scheme of that particular color.  They have 5 different categories of color, palette, gradient, pattern and image. Each contain a lots of color to choose for your web and mobile app. Every image has a separate color scheme.

flatuicolors.comThis site has some simple flat color. Just click on the color, it will copy the hex code on your clipboard.



This site also same like flatuicolors.com But these colors for material design.



Must visit this site for color if you design Android material color.


In this site, you will get tons of color and color palette.


Visit all these sites for color then compare it, test the color scheme for your web and mobile app to make the best UI experience.