5 tips for a good mobile app design

 The number of mobile users is increasing by the day. With the growing rate of mobile marketing, mobile app design is becoming the order of the day. It is not uncommon to see many people asking questions about how to design a good mobile app.

I assume you did not see UI tutorial. There are always general principles most people often use to succeed. The same thing applies to mobile app design be it for windows or ios. In this post, we will take a look at 5 tips for a good mobile app design:

The welcome screen or splash screen and icon are important

What counts for many users is the first impression. Think of the first time the user of your mobile app will see the app in stores. The first point of attraction is always your icon. Human beings are always fascinated by and often choose the design that attracts us. Hence, you should use the attractive icon to attract your users on the first encounter. There are many tips and tricks to create the icon that best suits your app but, above all, keep in mind that it must show who you are and what you do. For example, for a radio station, the icon cannot be a heart since there is no similarity between the image.

Your icon should be simple, clear and easy to remember … The competition is fierce. Regarding the welcome screen, my advice is simple. To communicate to your users that the app is loaded, you consider the various resolutions of the devices. Take all the time needed to create these visual elements as best you can. You need to connect with your users through your icon and welcome screen.

Select the model that best shows your content

The content of your app is what gives value to it. The most optimal are to adapt the design of each section to the content to be displayed on it. You have to think about the strengths of your content. If you have many images to display, you must think how to organize them to be attractive to your users. There are many ways to do originally. If your app is based on news, think about exposing the way for easier reading. Think of typography too, it is very important, and avoid long texts in bold.

Header or Topbar

The header or topbar of your app is the site that is present all the time while your users browse it. The standard dimensions are  74px height, so it is advisable to go for a horizontal logo, if you have it, or write the name of your brand in a simple manner.

Mobile App Navigation is important

For the mobile app design you must base your navigation mode on the content you are about to offer your users. For example, if the mobile would be designed to receive comments, the best option is a navigation tab bar, which is always displayed. Or, if you are for news content, you must use a swipe navigation mode, since they can show many sections simultaneously.

Keep your corporate design simple

When you think your mobile app, you have to remember your image. What defines you and separates you from the competition is your image. Remember your colors, your pictures, your typography … Make your users feel “at home”. Your style should be reflected in your app, so you maintain consistency between your platforms.

These are just few tips mobile app design but they may make all the difference to stand out from the crowd. Watch and read about UI design tutorial, search Google iOS UI design tutorial and UI tutorial  . Don’t forget that thousands of mobile apps are being designed on regular basis. You would not want your apps to be buried in the multitude. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to be outstanding. So, utilize these tips to make your app extraordinary. You would be glad you did!