7 Tools Should Know by the Founder of Startups

When you have an idea on your head who could elaborate it more than yourself? You have a billion dollar idea or your idea will change the world. You can express your own idea more clearly and precisely than anybody.

In a report, released by John Maeda with his extensive research, he pointed out the rising importance of design in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and intersection of design, business, and technology. Moreover, the record amount of funding flowing into design led startups.

He shows that 27 startups that cofounded by designer have been acquired by companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Adobe. Startups founded by designer created billion dollars in value and raising billion dollars from venture capital.

Let’s see some the successful design oriented co-founder’s startups:

1. Stewart Butterfield co-founders of Flickr
2. Evan Sharp, co-founders of Pinterest
3. Chad Hurley, co-founders of Youtube
4. Charles Adler, co-founder of Kickstarter
5. Scott Belsky, co-founders of Behance
6. Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, co-founders of Airbnb

Let’s see now what design tools you should know as a founder of Startups:

UI/UX design tools

Balsamiq: The best way to get out the idea from your heads are pen and paper. As long as you think it, ink it and sketch it. After you sketch it on paper, its time to create the wireframe. Creating wireframe helps you to see the founding structure of the website, software and mobile app. Creating wireframe by Balsamiq is easy and you can iterate until you find the best solution for your user.

Photoshop CC: Your wireframe is done. You need to place typography, button and colorize your idea from wireframe. You can do everything you need for a mockup by Photoshop CC. Even though Photoshop is popular for photo editing, but UI/UX designer using Photoshop heavily for user interface design.

Sketch 41: Sketch App main focus on creating UI/UX design. Founded by Bohemian coding, it’s gained so much popularity in a short span of time from designer around the world. Sketch app is a vector based tools with infinite artboards. Being on a Mac OX based app, it’s easy and nice looking interface will take your breath away.

Flinto: So, you design the mockup. Now it’s time to see the real interaction between page, screen etc. To make a prototype of the website and app from your mockup. Flinto is app prototyping tools for designers. You can easily make the transition between app screen and web pages.

Principle for Mac: By using Principle for mac you can animate and create the interactive user interface for website and mobile app. Before spending huge money on programmers, you can evaluate your idea and you can see real interaction of app.

Invision app: Invision is the web based app and easy to create prototype. By using Invision app, you can create gesture, animation, and transaction between screens and pages. Invision app is agile to prototype the app.

After Effects CC: After Effects CC is great for motion graphics. What user interface animation you can’t do by Flinto, Principle for Mac and Invision app, you can do that by After Effects CC. It’s an easy tool to animate the objects, so does a helpful job for UI/UX designer.

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