Tips to Create Awesome Mobile App Design

Let’s accept the fact that every year, more businesses are becoming easy to access with the use of mobile apps. Consumers are demanding greatly for more accessibility from their beloved brands.

Browsing is not just an option anymore. It is already a regular occurrence and to keep up with the growing industry, you need to consider building the app so thus you need to know app design tutorial.

Native app UI design won’t give you enough space to work with. When we are designing for small screens as well as shorter attention periods, your UI design should work at the maximum speed. Normally, you wish to design an interface that is easy for new users without making experienced users bored. Simply check below for some Android and iOS UI design tutorial which you need to keep in mind.

Interaction Design

Even if you are aiming for the smaller screen, great interaction design should still be applied. In this UI design tutorial you will learn about the five pillars of interaction mobile app designs which are:

1.       Goal oriented design – Of course, you want your design for the right users. You can use interviews or surveys in order to determine what customers want for your app.

2.       Usefulness – Your app should be useful to the users.

3.       Signifiers – Using signifiers such as blue text which means tapping on them will take the users elsewhere.

4.       Easy to Learn – Users should be comfortable using the app and can learn the functions easily.

5.       Feedback – Feedback allows the users to know if their mission is completed, such as beep or emails.

Better Mobile App Designs

Knowing who your users are will help you to design your mobile apps better. The first step in mobile UI design tutorial is to know your users well. To understand your users, you need to know their expected behavior, provide scenarios and see how they will act, and explore all the possible conditions for an interaction.

Creating a Map of Content and Building User Flows

Simply make a sketch out of user flows based on what you have learned. Develop a prototype and it does not have to be fancy. Making it on a piece of paper would be good to have a full understanding of how users flow between all the content and actions.

Enhancing Usefulness with Similar Patterns

Study popular interfaces as well as the new mobile patterns. This will let you develop UI that can make your users feet at home while using your app. The two categories of interaction design patterns that you need to master are Animations and Gestures.


Never forget to create the design that will be good for users with fat fingers. Some have thicker fingers and focus your attention on finger-friendly designs. Always make enough space for users to tap. If the buttons are too small or too close to one another, users would not be comfortable using the app which will lead to frustration.

Remove the Clutters

Do not force that you need all the buttons out there. You can eliminate some pages and interactions to make sure that users can perform their tasks faster. It is advisable to consider the “two-tap rule” in mobile app designs.